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Jun 2019

Homeowners Meeting - April 18, 2019

Meeting was called to order by Tony Orsano.  Followed by the Pledge and Invocation. Roll call: Tony Orsano, Andy Morrisroe, Betty O'Brien, Dave Kirch, Dave Scarpa, Joe Buttros and Diana Dillon. Minutes for March 21st were read and accepted.
Barbara Bischoff, Nominating Committee: Barbara introduced the 6 candidates running for trustee: Debbie Ramos, Joe Buttros, Karen Heck, Betty O'Brien, Dave Scarpa and Sam Squicciarini.  All the candidates gave their reason for wanting to run for the board..
Trustee Reports: 
Tony Orsano: Read the proposal about the fences  The trustees voted on the proposal. The vote was 4 yes and 2 no.  Tony noted that Diana had changed her vote to a no. The proposal will be in the Sign Post and will also be on the ballot for a vote on May 14th.
Tony also mentioned that the Post Office will be in the parking lot every Tues and Thurs from 8am to 9am.
Dave Scarpa:  Asked if you are planning on doing any work that needs approval to please get the approval before hand.
The pool has a new water line directly to the pool as I said before  the old one had rotted out.Thankfully we did not have to break up the concrete.
Betty O'Brien:  Treasurers report for March
TD Oper. $84,396.42
TD Reserve for Cap. Repl. $199,412.95
TD Reserve for Cap. Impr. $85,842.64
Total for Cap. Reserve Acct: $283.561.59
Petty Cash: $151.05
Total Assets: $347,741.41
Total Income: $18,156.89
Total Oper Expenses: $24000.81
Net Income: - $8976.34
Diana Dillon: The list for the Military is in the Sign Post.  This is for 12 month a year and for as long as we need to do this.  Please give as much as you can and as often as you can.  One thing that is not on the list is phone cards.  This is for them to call home.  So please do what you can.
You may have noticed the Billboards for a lack of a better word outside in the parking lot are in need of a scraping and painting.  I have called the company that installed it and he will do ASAP at the cost of $200.
Diana Dillon for Real Estate: 25 homes sold since July 1, 2018 @ $500. ea. 17 homes actively for sale.
When we had the Town Hall meeting with the Mayor and the Police Chief they gave out some folders and one was for Special Needs. We already had one but it was in the back of the book. But I asked if they would give me a full page for a change. If you have Special Needs please fill it out and send it to the Police Dept. 
Diana Dillon for Coalition:  Sen. Connor's spoke on bill A5045. This bill will create a 13 member task force.  The purpose of this task force is to study the laws governing common interest communities regarding their functions, responsibilities, election practices, financial decisions  and relationship with the community association managers. As their study concludes the task force would make recommendations for legislation to create a more effective and efficient policies. This includes Homeowners Assoc., Condos and Co-Ops.
Dave Kirch: There is a area Zone F that has not been done since 1984 at the cost of $9,000. The money was taken from the snow money.
Also we have noticed that people are walking their dog in the common grounds and they don't pick up after the dog.  This is a violation against our By-Laws and also it is a Town Ordinance.
Andy Morrisroe: No report
Club Reports:  
Betty O”Brien for First Aid Aux: First Aid Aux is having a fund raiser at the North clubhouse called “ At the Hop” in  May.  Proceeds go to the First Aid Squad.  Cost $25.  MJ and I will  be selling tickets every Monday from 10-12 pm.
On June 17th there will be a card party starting at 6:30pm. There will be door prizes and baskets to win. Cost is $10.
Dave Scarpa - Pool monitors: 
There is a meeting on May 13th at 1:30pm.  Looking for new  monitors for only 2 hrs a week..  Pool will be open until 8pm everyday. For those who work and would like to volunteer for 2 hours call Dave or Bobbi Starkey to make arrangements.
Bea Humphris: Wednesday bocce: Bocce begins May 8th. The bocce schedules are ready and on the table in the back of the room.  Just want to say that our referees work very hard and no comments should be made from the side lines. NEW RULE  if you make a comment you are the ref.! I'm hoping for better cooperation from the side lines.
Open to the Residents:
Karen Heck: Beaverbrook Dr. If you have a Ring Doorbell and you see something you can call the Police Dept.  Let them know you have it and if something happens they will reach out to you
Bea Humphris, Manassas Dr.: Suggested that sheds should be included in the fence proposal. 
Tony Orsano:  Hadn't found any problem with sheds. If a complaint was made then we will follow through.  We are not the Police.  We are going to inspect a home before you buy it and see if anything should be fixed.  People plant things in the common ground and then they move so it's not there problem anymore.  It 's ours!! 
Tony Orsano for Jane Saeger for Monday night Bocce:
Bocce for May 27th Memorial Day is re-scheduled for June 4th.
Bill Molinaro, Cortlandt Dr:  Bill said he has a problem with iron fences. First of all the board is responsible for the common ground.  You are going into new territory with the common ground.  What you should do is to make a list of what you should be allowed to do and not allowed to do.  The board is responsible for the common grounds.  That means we are responsible for the safety of the common grounds.  When someone puts something in the common grounds that someone may get hurt.  Guess who holds the bucket.  It's the Board because we own the common grounds.  You have to think about this because you are treading on new ground.  I don’t think you can unilaterally do this as a board because the Covenants and Restrictions don't allow you to do this.  The only thing I worry about is the trees that should be cut back because of fire. In 2012 we spent $60,000 on the common grounds because the Fire Marshall told us we had to.  It's also the Covenants and Restrictions not the By-Laws that says nothing belongs in the common grounds.
Marilyn Crescho, Beaverbrook Dr.:  In regard to the common grounds.  When I moved in in 2000, some of the neighbors told me that I could plant in the common ground as long as I took care of it.  When did that change?  It is less costly to let the people who want to take care of there own common ground rather than the Assoc.
Tony Orsano: Those who take care of their area of common grounds is not the problem   It's a problem when they start using it for a storage area.  
Bill Molinaro, Cortlandt Dr.  Once you do that you cannot enforce the Covernants and Restrictions.
Meeting closed 
84 people present
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