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Jun 2019

From the President's Desk - June 2019

Congratulations to all the returning board members and the two new ones.  I want to wish you all the best.  And I hope you enjoy your time on the board. I want to thank the people that worked on the budget, they did an excellent job. A lot of people missed the budget meeting, but I am sure if they attended they would see why we increased the dues.
The new budget was voted in .We had to raise the dues $5.00 per month. 
The living fence proposal was also voted in. I hope this helps our community for the future.
The pool is open I hope you all enjoy it.  Summer is here and the Bocce games are in full swing.
Thanks to all the people that volunteer to maintain the pool area and the people who work on the Bocce courts.
They all work hard at what they are doing, if you can help them in any way, please do.
But most of all use the facilities that are here for all of us to enjoy.
We are in the process of buying new chairs for the clubhouse. 
Also I want to thank all the volunteers that rebuilt the benches around the Bocce courts, they did an excellent job. We are very lucky to have such dedicated people in our community that work diligently, for the benefit of all our people.  Again I say thank you. It seems I can't say it enough times
Tony Orsano, President
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