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Feb 2020

Message from Your President - February 2020

We are now one month into 2020 and I have been reflecting on the past year with its ups and downs.  When reviewing those times that were trying, I also reflected on the moments that made me smile and brought light into my life.  To make the jump into 2020, I took the advice of my best friend and made myself a “Gratitude List”.  Upon review, I realized that everything I was grateful for was staring me in the face each and every day.  The people and times that were important to me and filled my life with joy were the same things that make me the person I am.  I also realized the barriers or bumps that I ran into were put there not only as a challenge, but also help me grow as a person, a husband, a father and grandfather.  I truly believe that we as good people need to take from our past and learn.  We need to incorporate those life lessons we are grateful for and continue to grow in person and faith.  Each of us can be of value to one another.  But only with continued growth from within and a knowledge we are secure in ourselves can we extend the value of our persons to others.  I implore every one of us to take an account of their lives and blessings.  Only then can we extend the good within us to all the people in our lives. 
I recently had the opportunity to read The Community Connection, January/February 2020 issue, and was pleasantly surprised at the cover page article covering the Veteran’s affair that was held at our Clubhouse by Holiday City Berkeley Veterans and Friends.  The great success of the event and the importance to the many Veterans in need in our area goes without saying.  If not for a few men and women that stood up and made the evening happen, many Veterans would go without.  What made my day was a very gracious item that was placed directly after the article thanking the Board of Holiday City South for their support in light of the recent problems with the clubhouse at Holiday City Berkeley.  Although our Board was instrumental in initiating the assist to our fellow association, the gratitude should go to all the members of Holiday City South for their generosity and hospitality.  I believe that by extending our hand in friendship, at a time of need, will bring returns to us all in ways we cannot imagine.
The work on the swale that runs from San Carlos to Orlando (between Selkirk and Freeport) is complete and water run off now flows freely.  We all need to keep an eye on these swales and insure there is no damming that would prevent the flow of runoff water.  We will be addressing the remaining swales in our community in the near future to prevent pooling of water and possible flooding.
Alas, the project we have all been waiting for!!!  Our contractor has received the necessary permits and will now be able to move forward with our solar project.  They will be preparing the grounds behind the tennis courts initially and clearing some trees to allow for maximum sunlight for the project.  With that being said and the project moving forward, I feel it necessary to address another matter recently brought to the Boards attention.  There appears to be a rumor circulating concerning the preparation of the above-mentioned area and an excessive cost to the association.  I would like to dispel any rumors at this time.  The entire cost of the project is all inclusive, to be paid with SRECS received over the next 8 years.  I would request in the future, anyone hearing a rumor concerning the actions of your Trustee’s, please address them to the Board before expanding on them.  Ultimately, please consider that this Board has and always will act in the best interest of the community, but most of all always gather the facts rather than listen and encourage rumors.    
I will end this month with the following quote: “A meaningful life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect.  It is about being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others.”
Make sure you check the Homeowner’s Meeting schedule for 2020 in the Southwind.  We on the Board look forward to seeing everyone at one of the March meetings.
My best to everyone,
Mike Signorile
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