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Jun 2019

Message from the President - June 2019

The beginning of my message this month is a somber one.  As many of you know by now one of our most valued trustees and very good friend has passed from this life.  Peggy Mullin was an essential part of the board for many years.  Her experience and extensive background in Human Resources provided incredible insight for the board.  She approached every situation with vigor and an uncanny sense of humor.  She was always fair, never coming to judgement.  She always approached decisions by asking questions and sorting out the details.  She discussed possibilities based on facts and when she decided what would be most beneficial to all concerned, she spoke and voted her opinion.  The Board and our community will be feeling the loss of Peggy Mullin in more ways than we can possibly imagine.  Jim and Peggy have been active members of our community, in so many ways, for so many years.  As so many have already done, it is important that we all reach out and extend a helping hand along with our prayers to one of Holiday City South’s most prized and loved families.  Until we all meet again, may God hold Peggy safe in the hollow of His hand.  Peggy will be sorely missed.  
I would like to thank everyone for attending our Homeowner’s meetings for the month of May.  Our evening meeting and the speakers were scheduled prior to the Boards decision to hold meetings duel track.  The Board decided to explore this meeting schedule so members could attend either the evening or afternoon meetings, whichever would benefit their individual circumstances.   
The Mayor and Township Officials were present at our evening meeting and provided the attending members with valuable information.
Mayor Amato advised the attendees that once again the approved budget of $47 million will keep our tax rate from rising and comes in $3.2 million below the allowed 2% State cap. This is remarkable considering the growth of a township that measures 42 square miles and has required maintenance for 271 miles of roadways. 
The Mayor introduced Ken Anderson, Berkeley’s Code Official; Jack Weingartener, Fire Prevention Officer; Diane Laird, Animal Control Supervisor; Jamie Zimmerman, Township Engineer and Chief Karin DiMichele, Berkeley Police Department.
Each official spoke to their respective areas with Ken Anderson speaking to the requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.  Ensuring residents meet all requirements regarding residency regulations for the community.  He stated,” If someone doesn’t look like they belong, let us know and we will check it out”.  Jack Weingartener focused on improved smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and their proper application and installation.  Diane Laird advised that cats and dogs must be licensed, or fines will be issued.  She also advised that the feeding of wildlife (ie... deer, coyote) is strictly prohibited and subject to fines under township ordinance.  Jamie Zimmerman advised that there will be several streets that will be repaved as the weather improves.  Chief DiMichele spoke about recent drug arrests in our community and addressed the attendees regarding “See Something - Say Something” and “Know your neighbor”.   The Chief indicated that citizens can assist the police by adhering to these policies and report suspicious information to: Berkeley PD Tip Line - 732-341-1132 x611or online at  The Chief also advised that we can receive important information online or by text from Berkeley Township by going to their website and signing up at The Chief advised that Berkeley Township PD also provides stickers for those individuals who have speech or hearing disabilities.  These stickers are for homes and vehicles.  They provide vital information to officers when responding to an emergency call or on a motor vehicle stop.  Programs such as these and many others are available to residents of Berkeley Township. We should make ourselves aware of the available programs and actively participate in them.
The Mayor then introduced Judy Noonan, council person and representative for our ward who spoke about current situations at the state and local levels relative to our age restricted communities.  She advised the coalition representing the adult communities in our area continue to advocate for the best interest of the 55 and older communities. 
This was a meeting filled with important information as well as an opportunity for our members to meet the individuals that represent us and officiate over our township government. 
I will end this month with this quote from Mother Teresa: “A meaningful life is not about being rich, popular, highly educated or perfect.  It is about being real, humble, strong, able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others”. 
The Trustees look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting. 
My best to everyone,
Mike Signorile, President
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