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Jan 2020

HCS Homeowners Meeting - December 4 & 12, 2019

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance with a special thank you to all the Veterans who have served and are currently serving and to all the first responders who actively serve our community daily.  Thank you for the freedom and safety we all enjoy today.  Please take a moment of silence for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom.
Michael Signorile, President; Vincent Dechiaro, Vice President; Gail Ziemski, Secretary; Vivian Benner, Treasurer; Elizabeth Higgins, and Joe Bushey.  George Mason was absent.
Meeting will be recorded and transcribed by Doris Vilardo for submission to “The Southwind”.
In the January issue of the Southwind there will be a new schedule for the dates and times.  Meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursdays of each month.  Trustee Workshop will be held in the morning, the first session of the Homeowners Meeting will be in Building C at 2:30 pm, the Trustee Executive Meeting will be at 5:30 pm and the evening meeting will be at 7:00 pm.  The meetings will be identical.  Speakers will be alternated between the afternoon and evening meetings.  We will be accommodating everyone by having the meetings duel track. 
We will also be going back to having a sign-in sheet for the attendees.  There will be no meetings in the months of February and July.
Operating:          $   86,115.41
Replacement:     $165,340.50
Motion was made to accept by Vince Dechiaro and seconded by Gail Ziemski.
HOA ATTORNEY:  We are entertaining proposals from attorneys who specializes in HOAs.  We have presently received proposals from two firms.  We have an attorney, but the law firm he is associated with doesn’t specialize in HOAs.  Based on the proposals received, we could possibly reduce legal costs significantly over what we are presently paying for legal consultation.
WI-FI:  We now have high-speed wi-fi throughout the buildings.  To get into our wi-fi use:  
HCS-Clubhouse and the password is:  Letmein139.
SOLAR PROJECT:  Project has been started but we hit a roadblock.  The electrical application was lost twice. Mike spoke to the Mayor and Township Administrator regarding the permits.  The SRACs will still benefit us, but we can’t move forward without the electric company making the changeover, which requires approved permits.  The panels are installed on Building B.  There will be 379 panels behind the tennis courts.  With the SRAC benefit, after 8 years we will own the system with no cost outlay to the association.
RESERVE STUDY:  Mike and Vince met with The Falcon Group and finalized the report.  Once we receive the final copy, we will forward it to our CPA with the proposed 2020 budget. Our CPA will then review all items and advise us how much we will need to put aside for future projects.  We have also agreed to have a complete study performed every 4 years to ensure that expenditures and reserves are on track.  It is recommended that future Boards continue this practice as it will assist them with planning future spending and ensure the necessary funding is in the reserves.  We hopefully will have more information to present at the January meeting.
SMOKING:  Our attorney was contacted regarding the smoking policy.  Since we are a private entity, the application of the NJ regulations is vague. However, because we do conduct events that are open to the public we are choosing to comply with the regulation.  Areas around buildings will be nonsmoking and there will be designated areas for smokers.  Signs have arrived and have been placed that say, “No Smoking/No Vaping”.  No one will be allowed to smoke near the building entrances or doors.  All ashtrays have been removed from the buildings.  There will be 3 designated smoking areas.  We request that everyone adheres to the policy. The designated smoking areas will be at the north and south ends of the sidewalks at the fronts of Buildings A & C and at the east end at the rear of Building B.  If individuals choose not to comply, the guards will be instructed to contact the local authorities and have those individuals removed from the grounds.  This process needs to be adhered to as the association does not want to incur fines.
EMAIL LIST:  It is growing, but not as fast as we would like.  It is a vital tool and great way to communicate.  If you haven’t submitted your email address, please do so.  If you need an email form, it is posted every month in the “Southwind”.  Please fill it out and submit it to the office.
SWALES:  The excavating company will begin working on the swales shortly.  They will be removing dead trees, rocks, etc.  The areas are overgrown, and we have to do this and also maintain it after completion.  They are starting on San Carlos to Orlando (between Selkirk & Freeport).  The cost is $27,812 to perform this work.  
BILL S2425:  This has been postponed temporarily and will be reviewed after the Assembly’s winter break.  They are going to make some changes to the Bill in a positive way. We received notification that Senator Singleton is willing to make changes to the Bill to accommodate the senior communities.  Senator Connors and the Coalition Attorneys are in talks regarding the change in language.  We are still getting calls requesting that we let up on the campaign, but we can’t.  We must have this Bill amended or killed.  We can’t stop until we are assured that this Bill will not harm us now or in the future.
Another Bill we are concerned about is allowing illegal aliens to be issued NJ driver’s licenses.  If you remember, we had signed petitions against this; however, it is back again.  If passed, it definitely will raise our automobile insurance rates.
VETWORKS:  As of January 1st, this program is scheduled to be shut down and it will hurt our veterans.  You are urged to contact your Senators and Congressmen about this and stop this from happening.  Email is the fastest way to do this.  Ocean County has the largest veteran population in the State, and we can’t turn our backs on our veterans.  This program provides canned food, shelter, transportation, access to mental health programs and many more valuable programs for our veterans.
UPDATES BY TRUSTEES:  Betty Higgins advised that the New Year’s Eve dance is almost sold out.  There are some seats available.  We have an upcoming show in April with John Tarangelo and The Edwards Twins at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank. Tickets are $65 and we are taking reservations on Fridays with a $30 deposit for each ticket.  Tickets are limited, we can only accommodate 100 people.
Joe Bushey advised that he is getting prices for the community garden.  If you have an interest, email Joe ( or you can sign up today.  The form is on the table.  An ad will be placed in the Southwind about this.  If we don’t have enough interest, we will not be able to move forward with this project.
The “Southwind” will now be delivered to your mailbox by the USPS.  It will be bulk mail.  We receive $1,700 a month from the publisher. Approximately $800 of those funds will be used to offset the cost for the mailing.  Only active residents will receive the publication and hopefully we will be able to exclude vacant homes.  Our insurance company advised us that having residents deliver the publication can be a liability; therefore, it is no longer in our best interest to have residents deliver the Southwind.
It was suggested that we start the initial grass cutting later so that they finish later to accommodate the picking up of the leaves in the fall.  Vince Dechiaro advised that we have 18 cuttings next year.
Louise Kent thanked Vivian Benner for looking for the picture of the golfers that previously hung in Building C. She felt it was part of our history and hoped that someone has another copy.  Mike Signorile checked with John Falzone and Jim Mullins to see if they have a copy, unfortunately they didn’t.  Vivian advised that the original picture appears to have been damaged when we had the leak in building C.
Carol Bobowski asked why a Robo call was not made to advise people that Bingo was cancelled.  The cancellation is the responsibility of the Bingo Chairperson not the Trustees.  To place a Robo call it takes about 2-3 hours and should only be used for emergencies purposes.  The reason we used it for the Thanksgiving event was the ad for the event did not make it into the Southwind.  There is a phone number to call to check if Bingo is cancelled and it will be placed in the Southwind.
The office has been renovated as there was a mold problem.  In order to rectify the problem, we had to open up the walls and remove the carpeting.  This presented a health issue and had to be done.  We are going to change the conference room adjacent to the office into a file room and lunchroom.  There is a rumor that there will be a stove and cooking apparatus installed.  There will be no stove or oven.  Also, to disparage any additional rumors, we are not removing furniture in the lobby entrance to the auditorium in building C.
The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony date was selected by our Social Club Chairperson, Rich Bohan, and not the Trustees.  Unfortunately, it was scheduled for the same day as Pearl Harbor Day.  We are sure that the appropriate reverence will be extended concerning the events of that day.
Nettie Collins asked why people buying tickets do not have to give their addresses.  Any outsider can come into the auditorium to buy tickets and sometimes events are sold out and the residents can’t participate.  She also asked about the ID cards for residents.  She was advised that a webinar attended by the Trustees regarding the ID cards.  The company presenting the webinar was the same company that does the badges for West and Carefree.  They will be giving us a price.  Should we move forward with this project, the badge will have the resident’s name, address and member number on it.
The heat and air conditioning temperatures of the buildings will now be set at 70 degrees.  Building C will be at 68 degrees and the Ceramic Room will be set at 76 degrees.  The guards do not have keys anymore so please do not ask them to adjust the temperatures in the rooms.
It was noted that there is garbage in the streets and people are putting out their garbage days before pick-up days and prior to 4 pm.  This also pertains to recycles.  If you see this, please report the address to the office so that the Code Committee can send a letter to the resident.
We are considering a program that Carefree has it is called “Freecare”.  It is made up of volunteers who help those people in need who cannot do things around their house themselves.  Mike and Bill Holencsak will be meeting with Carefree people about this.  The Men’s Club is interested in assisting with this venture.
Lorraine Kimball reminded everyone about the Christmas Decorating Contest.  Many homes have been nicely decorated and urged people to join the contest.  There is a form in Building A to submit.  You must register your home by 12/15.
Be vigilant!  Mike received a call from a resident, hours after the fact, who advised him that a woman was walking down the street ringing doorbells asking for money.  If someone comes to your door, call the police. Only those people running for office or those with religious affiliations can ring your doorbell.
Barbara Parker voiced her concerns about how nice the holiday decorations are and liked the idea of ramps being built for those in need. She also voiced her opinion about homes being flipped and sold in less than 1 year.  She stated she believes that flips do not increase the value of homes in the community.
Lorraine Kimball asked Mike to compose a letter regarding the elimination of Vetworks like he did for the S2425 Bill so people can use that as a guide.  Mike said because of the time constraint of 1/1/2020, there will not be enough time to do this.  
Bill Holencsak cited that you cannot advertise an event prior to 11 weeks, and he sees that an event is being advertised sooner.  He feels we need to all be on the same page with this.  Mike advised that overnight trips can be advertised 1 year in advance and offsite events can be advertised up to 6 months prior to the date of the event.  Mike advised he will arrange a meeting with all club presidents and the ways and means to revisit the policy.
Vince Dechiaro advised the members that if you hear a rumor and would like an answer to please come into the Trustees’ office for clarification.  The only time you cannot come in is during an Executive session, otherwise, knock on the door and we will make ourselves available to you.
Business Portion of the meeting closed at 7:30 pm and public meeting closed at 7:55 pm.
Submitted by Doris Vilardo
Minutes approved by Trustees
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