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Sharon Chapski
Welcome to February!  The shortest month of the year (although with this being Leap Year, we do gain one day!) but a month with so much squeezed into it!  We have President’s Day (in our heyday there were 2 – Washington’s Birthday AND Lincoln’s Birthday!) and Valentine’s Day and Groundhog Day AND Super Bowl Sunday.  Certainly, enough to give everyone an excuse to party.
We are all getting back on the normal swing of things after the holidays, so getting down to business:
First is the resumption of our monthly meetings — the first one is on February 5th.  The entertainment will be Denny Moore, who is a comic, magician, and hypnotist!   In the business for 35 years, Denny has performed far and wide and I for one am very eager to see his show.  Doors open at 6:15 pm and meeting at 7:00 pm (but you already know this).  Coffee, tea and desserts provided (and I know you already know this!).  Once more, please feel free to use the side handicapped entrance if needed, but if you are able bodied please use our beautiful main entrance.  And we thank you.  The entertainment for March will be The Jersey Chix, whom we all know and love.  We have another Fund Raiser on April 18th with The Sounds of the Street—more about both events next month.
And now from Grace Puccio and Mary Ann Brown—a new bus trip is planned.  I really think they have outdone themselves this time!!  A 3-day/2-night excursion to The Finger Lakes in NY, September 7-9, staying at Del Lago Resort and Casino.  Featuring a sparkling welcome reception, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, $60 free Slot Plays, a visit to Muranda Cheese Company, and to Ventosa Vineyards.  Also included is admission to the Corning Museum of Glass.  All this for only $429.00 – may sound like a lot, but when you think of everything included-it really is quite a deal!!  Reservations are being taken beginning Friday, February 7 and ending Friday, February 21 (3 weeks only!) with the required $50.00 deposit at time of registration.  Balance due July 3, 2020.   For more information you can reach out to Grace at 732-349-2950 or Mary Ann at 732-341-1484.   First come, first served.
I don’t have much to say since the Club has been on hiatus – give me time and I will make up for it.  Meantime remember all our servicemen and women, the volunteer fire fighters, and the EMS.   So too, our vets who bravely fought to keep us safe and free.  And a quick thank you to Rich Bohan, our fearless leader and all who worked with him to make our Clubhouse and the grounds so festive this past holiday season.  Cil asked me to again thank her bakers for their efforts in the baking department - Thank you


Until next month, be well and be safe



Sharon Chapski
How about sending us your favorite baby picture and see how many of us at HC South can identify them. 
Send a baby picture of yourself and put your name on the back of the photo.  
Also include the answers to the following questions:
• When did you move to Holiday City South?
• A list of your hobbies
• A list of the activities/clubs that you participate in at Holiday City South
• Where did you move from?


Send or drop it off at the office.



Sharon Chapski
And a very Happy New Year to all!  I’m not yet accustomed to writing 2020 — usually takes me until about March before I get it right!  Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed the holiday festivities.  Now it’s time for those New Year’s Resolutions — better get busy!
So, as a reminder, there is no Wednesday night meeting this month.  December was busy, what with The Jukebox Legends providing 
entertainment at the meeting, the Ugly Sweater contest, Cil’s cookies and the raffle, we certainly had a full night.  Whew!!   Many thanks to all those who made the evening a success — LOVE our volunteers!  The tree lighting on December 7 put everyone in a holiday mood and all the decorations around campus are just too beautiful for 
words.  More kudos to Rich and his crew for another job well done.   
Speaking of a job well done, Lorraine Kimball will no longer be chairperson for sunshine and membership.  Lorraine, Rich and the entire board want to thank you for everything you have done for the club.  We know we will continue to see you at the meetings, so there is no goodbye in this change.   Thanks again.   In Lorraine’s place, Betty Longo has volunteered to be our Sunshine Chairperson.  You may call her at 732-341-7944 with a heads up of anyone needing some sun!   Welcome Betty!
February gets us back into the normal course of things — meeting is on the 5th with entertainment by Denny Moore, who is a magician, comic and hypnotist — something different and I’m really looking forward to experiencing a “magical” evening.  As normal, doors open at 6:15, meeting starts at 7, coffee, tea and deserts provided.  March still seems far away, but we already know to expect The "Jersey Chix."  
Next fundraiser will be on April 18, with “The Sounds of the Street” (love them!) and the theme will be Prom Night!   Tickets go on sale on the first Friday in March— at $12.00 a pop it’s a steal!  See you there!  (PS there are ONLY 300 TICKETS AVAILABLE SO GET YOURS EARLY)
We have many fun events planned for 2020, so please plan on joining us.  A special remembrance to all the vets and first responders who serve us so well and put their personal lives on hold to keep us safe.
Until next time be stay safe and healthy.   






Sharon Chapski
Time marches on---it’s now October--Maybe we will have an Indian Summer? But for sure it's the month of Columbus Day and Halloween--and the pumpkin decorating contest here at HCS. We do have a talented group of neighbors.
Our first meeting in September was certainly a success: Everyone loved the ice cream sundaes and despite the delayed arrival (through no fault of his own) Joey G delivered as promised: Music from our younger days and everyone sang along. It doesn't get any better than that.  Funny how easy it is to remember the words to "Two Silhouettes on the Shade" when I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night!
Our next event is on October 2nd with music provided by Frank Cirelli – his style is that of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett, and all of us can relate to them.
Our meeting on November 6th will feature music by the dynamic duo, Lisa Withers and Billy Harkowsky. Each of these talented people began singing and entertaining as children, but they met in the year 2000 and decided to morph their talents and thus became known as the "Peas and Carrots". 
Again, our doors open at 6;15 and the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Please note NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED BEFORE 6:15. This is to be a new guideline for our monthly meetings
Besides our regular November meeting on the 16th, we have a Motown Review Fund Raiser, THAT’S RIGHT! A return performance by Billy and Luanna--so much fun!! Tickets at only $12.00 gives you coffee, tea and dessert. But snacks and your choice of beverage is up to you. For any questions, please call Dodie at 732-244-2530 or Barbara at 732-286-0495.
And as a reminder, if you have to leave the show early, please do not clean up, we have a clean-up crew who are happy to clean up.
Our membership is still open--last year we had 498 members--let’s see if we can top it this year: Lorraine Kimball is the person to see for your sign up (remember still only $5.00). Also, Lorraine will be happy to send a cheery note to anyone who needs it. Please call her at (732-228-7498).
December seems like a long way off but it's really just around the corner: Cil is chomping at the bit to get her bakers together for the December Cookie Extravaganza. Look for the sign-up list at the October meeting.
At our December meeting on the 4th, we will have "The Jukebox Legends" and I'm sure everyone will enjoy their music.
October is Columbus Day (you know "In 1400 and 92 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.... but I won't bore you with the rest!) It's also Halloween. We have no little ones around to Trick or Treat, but I know this community goes over and above to decorate for this holiday--and it's always beautiful! Keep up the good work.
Once again, please remember in your prayers all of the generous people who give so freely of themselves to keep us safe---police, fire and first aid responders, along with the women and men of our armed forces. I would also ask for your prayers for those living in the Bahamas and elsewhere who were devastated by Hurricane Dorian.


Until next time, stay well and stay safe.



How about sending us your favorite baby picture and see how many of us at HC South can identify them. 
Send a baby picture of yourself and put your name on the back of the photo.  Send or drop it off at the office.
As I write this, it is August and the dog days of summer are upon us.   It’s hazy hot and humid!   When you read this, it will be September and Labor Day will be around the corner with Fall knocking on the door.   I hope everyone had a great summer!
The cooler days of Fall will be refreshing.  Also refreshing, will be the Ice Cream Social at our first meeting on Wednesday September 4th.   At this first meeting of the season, Joey G will present  “A Journey Back in Time” —to 1956 with a tribute to an America DJ, Alan Freed who is known  for promoting  the mix of blues, country, and rhythm and blues, on the radio all under the name of “rock n roll”.   Ahhhh, the sounds of yesteryear.  As always, the doors open at 6:15 and meeting starts at 7pm.   Looking forward to October 2nd, Frank Creill will take the stage—with the music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett—and others- my kind of music (sigh).   
I am hoping by now everyone has signed up for their 2019/2020 membership   at only $5.00 a pop, its easily the best deal in town (as you all know).   Entertainment, coffee, tea and desert every month for 9 months! —-what’s not to like??   As a reminder, we are asking for email addresses in order to provide you with up to date important information, these addresses will of course be kept confidential.   Please see Lorraine Kimball in the lobby, she will be happy to take your money.   And yes, she is able to make change for any large bills you may have!
We are on a countdown to the December 10th Murder Mystery Luncheon at Peddlers Village—cost is $108.00 per person, which includes transportation, a 3-course meal with beverage and the Murder Mystery show.   Peddlers Village is a wonderful place in December to get into the holiday spirit.   But tickets are going quickly so be sure to see Grace Puccio (732-349-2950) or Mary Ann Brown (732-341-1484).   Tickets are on sale Friday mornings at the Clubhouse (I’ve already got mine!).
On September 20th, we will begin selling tickets to the Motown Review!   Yes, by popular demand, Billy and Luanna will be returning to perform for us again the R&B music of Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner Diana Ross and Donna Summer.  The price of this fundraiser is only $12.00 per person with coffee, tea and desert served, along with any BYOB and/or snacks of your choosing.   For more information please call Barbara at 732-286-0495 or Dodie at 732-244-2530.   November will feature "The Peas and Carrots" – more about them next month,
Remember, Lorraine is always ready willing and able to send out a cheery greeting to anyone who needs it—you can call her at 732-228-7498.   And Cil is sending a message to her “South Side Bakers” The 3rd annual cookie bake is coming up again for the holiday season.   Cil says a sign-up list will be coming out by the October meeting—so start checking through your cookbooks for favorite recipes for this year's cookie fest.
Here are a few fun facts about Labor Day —
  • The first US Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday September 5. 1882 in New York City, planned by the Central Labor Union 
  • Oregon was the first to declare Labor Day an official holiday in 1887.  
  • On June 28, 1894 Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year, a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories


  • Labor Day is considered the “unofficial” NFL season kickoff.
That’s all I know folks!
So, enjoy Labor Day, enjoy the golden fall season and don’t forget to thank a cop or first responder for all they do.  Keep our Vets and servicemen and woman in your thoughts and prayers
Until next month, stay safe, stay healthy.





Happy Birthday America! What a great country we live in! We may have our ups and downs but I’d rather live here than anywhere else I can think of. And I am not only referring to the USA – but to Holiday City South! At our June meeting we remembered all of our vets and especially on this 75th anniversary of D-Day, the veterans of WW II – one of whom was with us that night. Vincent “Jim” Nuzzi they all call me Jim” he told me So thank you Jim for all you did – and for all the other vets who served to make and keep out country safe and free – THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS! And not to forget the first responders who are always there when we need them.
Our June R&B/Motown extravaganza was just that – Extravagant! Rich Bohan knows how to throw a party by saving the best for last. To say that Billy and Lewana wowed the crowd is putting it mildly. The key is – they didn’t stay on the stage singing at us, but rather they came down to our level, and mingled, danced and sang with us. Just ask 93-year-old Charlotte Savarese (aka Sheila’s aunt). As Billy sang “Sweet Caroline”, Charlotte looked up at him and let him guide her onto the dance floor. She loved it! And Bob Little, who in his wheelchair, sat with his wife, Marge at the table until they played “The Stroll.” Darn if he didn't stroll across the floor in his wheelchair! And when I complimented him, he replied “I love to dance, but I can’t now” I said I’d love to dance with him and before either of us knew it, we were on the floor having a ball. Thanks Marge, for allowing me the pleasure of the dance! Another episode that caught my heart – Dodie Price (our VP) and her husband Scott, who is usually a silent observer at our events, shared several dances together which I’ve never seen him do before. The smile on Dodie’s face and tears in her eyes said it all! The magic of music is amazing!! And I’m thinking there were more guests who were similarly affected by Billy and Lewana’s performance. And they will be back in November!
Our Fund Raiser on June 1st was our Kickoff to Summertime party with entertainment by the Crosstones Too organized by Karen Prosperpo. Another wonderful evening of fun and dance - I’ve never seen such a group for dancing and even the non-dancers were toe-tapping and swaying to the music! Many thanks Karen!
And so, ends our monthly get togethers for the year. But Lorraine Kimball will be on hand starting Friday August 2nd, ready to sign everyone up for the 2019 – 2020 season (boy, does that date make an impact!!)
Remember the same low cost of $5 will guarantee you will be able to enjoy entertainment, food and the company of your friends and neighbors for another season. And as already mentioned, we are looking for e-mail addresses so important information can be made available (with these addresses only used by the club!).
Our September meeting is on the 4th and the entertainment will feature DJ Joey G, taking us on a journey back in time, to 1956 as a tribute to Alan Freed – and it’s also our annual Ice Cream Social. Yum! Despite no summer meetings, Lorraine is still ready to send out cards to any members in need of a smile and a hug. Her number is 732-228-7498.
Next newsletter is in August. And we will see you in September for a new and exciting season. The members of the Board all wish you a wonderful summer. Until then, be well and stay safe.




Sharon Chapski
And in the blink of an eye — its JUNE!   Am I the only one who feels that the older I get, the faster time flies by?  With June, we get to celebrate Flag Day on the 14th and Father’s Day on the 16th!
Our meeting in May was eventful – the entertainment provided by The Jersey Chix was outstanding!!  These 2 women provided such a variety of songs each one better than the previous one.  I’m not sure how you all feel, but I sure hope we see them again.  I also hope Vinnie continues to improve and wish him all the best.
We made it official – Fran Hurley is our new treasurer. Fran was sworn in by Betty Higgins and Fran will assume her position as of July 1. Welcome Fran!!  And thanks to Gerry for this past year of service.  Speaking of Gerry – as it was May and we were honoring our Vets, during the meeting they were gifted with eyeglass cases made and donated by our own Gerry DeLuca, all in the red white and blue color theme.  Thanks, Gerry, for your thoughtfulness!  And if you like these nifty little devices, Gerry will be happy to make one for you for a small donation of your choosing.  Please be generous as any money collected will be donated to the Veterans Home.  You may contact Gerry at 732-736-9447.  Lorraine Kimball, our Sunshine Lady, is looking to cheer up those in need of cheering up.  If you know of any members who are in need of a kind word and thoughts to put a smile on their face, please call Lorraine at 732-228-7498.  On another note: Barbara Capua will be stepping down from assistant treasurer and from being in charge of new memberships for these past 4 years. She also was part of the distribution of monies to those who were lucky enough to win the 50/50’s – sadly never myself!  She isn’t going anywhere and is still a part of us.  Thanks for all your time and work Barbara!
Attention Volunteers: Here is a date for you to remember – June 15th.  It’s a Saturday and we are looking to show our appreciation to all the volunteers who assist our club to run smoothly.  It will be breakfast, served in the clubhouse, and invites were sent via snail mail. We always have many things going on in our club, and they run smoothly thanks to generosity of those who volunteer their time and efforts. (I just love breakfast, don’t you?)
The final meeting features the Motown Review – can’t wait!  This is the month where we start early (doors open at 6pm and meeting is at 6:30) and then it’s show time.  I think I heard whispers about strawberry short cake with our coffee and tea!  As for the music, I personally really hope to hear “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye and “Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes.  What is your favorite?
Looking ahead to future events: Doddie and Barbara are busy booking entertainment for next year.
We already know there is another Lip Synch show (as a fund raiser) in the works.
September will be the annual Ice Cream Social
This June meeting is the last for this year.  New memberships start in August/September.   Lorraine Kimball will be standing by to sign you up in the clubhouse on Fridays.  Remember, it’s only $5.00—and that is for 10 nights of snacks and entertainment!!  When renewing your membership, we will be asking for you to provide an email address, for use BY THE HOLIDAY CITY SOUTH SOCIAL CLUB ONLY.   This will be for notification of event changes or any important notices that affect the members.   It is the quickest, most efficient and no cost way to communicate to all of you.
And that being said, I will close.  But on behalf of myself and the board, I want to wish all the Fathers and Grandfathers - and Great-grandfathers - a very Happy Father’s Day.  I hope to see many home s flying Old Glory on the 14th.  And to all the Vets, first responders and to those who continue to serve our country and keep us safe- a big resounding THANK YOU AND BE SAFE YOURSELF.
Until next month (even though we have no meeting, I will still be here with rambling thoughts – you are not getting rid of me that easily!) be safe and 
be well.





Sharon Chapski
And welcome to the merry month of May! The month of sunshine and soft breezes (we hope) and flowers, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day!
Our comedy show in April seemed to be a big hit. I’ve never heard the entire room laugh and giggle (yes, I said giggle!) as much as it did that night.  Both entertainers were great, but Doug had a particular gift for involving members of the audience in his banter.  
We are still working on our board membership. Larry Puccio and Debbie Fazio once again requested nominations from the floor with none received. At present, Fran Hurley is our nominee. A third request will be made during the May meeting, there will be a vote taken and Rich will swear in the winner as our next Treasurer.
Entertainment at the May meeting will be provided by “The Jersey Chix” We know them-we love them-so be prepared to enjoy!! Our coffee and tea will be waiting for us and I wonder just what our sweet treat will be this month? Doors open at 6:15pm and meeting is at 7pm (but you all know that.) 
The big finish is the Motown Show at our June 5th meeting-sure to be a big hit for everyone! Rich reminds us again of an earlier start so as not to miss a thing. Doors will open at 6pm and the meeting starts at 6:30pm (but you all know that, right?)
Another important date is June 1st for the “Kick off to Summertime” fund raiser, being organized by our own Karen Prospero. featuring a return by the “Cross Tones Too“ it will run from 7pm to 10pm. Coffee, tea and dessert provided, and you can BYOB to enhance the party atmosphere. Karen is selling $12.00 tickets (still a great price!) at the clubhouse on Fridays. Please call her at 732-687-9554 for any questions.
On June 15th, we will also have an appreciation breakfast for the volunteers and tickets will be mailed out. Rich mentioned for next year we may have a Lip Synch show as s a fund-raising event-his show is always a big hit and a fun night. Check here for updates.
Mother’s Day is May 12th-a very special wish to all the mothers and grandmothers in our community! I do love the little saying that goes “if I knew how great grandchildren were, I would have had them first!”  And so, on that note, I will close, while once more wishing all of you the best of health and ask you to continue to remember all of those who put their personal safety on the line to protect us. And as we observe Memorial Day, please remember it is more than a fun holiday and 3-day weekend-rather it is a time of reflection and gratitude. May God bless and keep them all safe
Until next month-be well.






Sharon Chapski
Wow! Summer can’t come fast enough for some of us—the end of January and beginning of February, have been so very cold, all I want to do is stay at home warm and cozy.  But for those who love cold weather, I hope you are relishing this deep freeze!  And I am also hopeful that everyone has remained safe during these trying times and suffered no ill effects to either body or home.  They did say the groundhog saw his shadow on Feb 2—that means an early Spring—YEA!
So. February was our eagerly awaited Lip Synch Show—and what a show it was!  It was evident from the start, that everyone involved put their heart and soul into making the show a huge success.  The songs from “our era”,  the choreographed line dancing, DJ Larry’s broadcasting from downtown Toms River with his jokes ( a great touch to fill in time between acts!), all the performers dressed to the 9’s to fit their respective skits, and the synching of their lips to match the words of the songs—truly all the practice and attention to detail was well worth it.  Again, many thanks to Diane Lentini and Marianne Agostino and to the cast members and behind the scenes crew for a job well done.  And I am hoping Pat Rantowich (to whom the show was dedicated) was looking down and enjoying the show also.
March 6th is our next meeting, with entertainment by the Irish Step Dancers from the Devrin Academy of Irish Dance, and also music provided by Donnie Pece (always a welcome addition our lineup) This combination is sure to provide another memorable evening. Coffee, tea and sweets provided, with meeting starting at 7pm (but doors will open at 6:15pm) Looking forward to seeing everyone sporting some token green-remember, there must be a little bit of the Irish is all of us around St Pat’s month!  Look for info in the next issue about our future entertainment surprises for April, May and June. Hard to believe we are approaching the tail end of our season—but then there is always next year!
At the start of the meeting, Rich reminded the group, that we are donating a defibrillator to the HCS Clubhouse.  Such a valuable item and something so important for everyone peace of mind.  To quote Martha “it’s a good thing”.  Rich also informed the group, that he will be looking for a new treasurer for next season, as Gerry is not going to continue in that role.  So, if you like to play with figures, let Rich know!  Please remember, all of our first responders, police, firefighters, EMS, Vets and more—the brave men and women who are fighting for our safety in foreign lands, and living through hardships we can only guess at, all the while being separated from their own families.   Take a moment each day for a brief prayer for them— doesn’t take much.   
Until next month be safe, be well.





Sharon Chapski
January is passed, and everyone has recuperated from the major holidays. Now it is time for Ground Hogs, Presidents and Valentines!! So much for such a short month!
Sadly, there was no Social Club meeting in January, but we did have another fund raiser on January 19th, orchestrated by our own Debbie Fazio. The music was provided by “The Catapano Brothers” starring Sal and Mike. I am writing this prior to the event, but knowing Debbie’s track record, I am pretty sure everyone will have had a wonderful time. Thanks Deb, for all your efforts.
And now for February-our regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb 6th and it will feature The Lip Synch show everyone has been eagerly anticipating!!! I am asked to remind one and all, that this is the last date for you to purchase your 2018-2019 membership! NO MORE DUES WILL BE SOLD AFTER FEBRUARY (remember it’s still only $5.00!!) AND YOU MUST PRESENT YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD AT THE DOOR UPON ENTERING THE ROOM! As usual, the meeting starts at 7:30pm but for all you early birds—doors open at 6:15. Coffee, tea and deserts will be served (don’t know about anyone else, I am always curious to see what the desert will be!) So, get ready to be entertained by the talented members of our club. And thank you ahead of time to Marianne and Diane, I know how hard you both and everyone in your group have been working to make this a success!
Looking forward to the March 6th meeting—I have it on the best authority (a little leprechaun told me!) that we will be entertained by a group of Irish dancers from the Academy of Irish Dance. To be followed by music (and dancing for toe-tappers) compliments of Don Pesce! So, plan to come out for the fun—wearing a Bit O the Green!!
Once again, I ask that you remember the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces and for all those at home who give of themselves to ensure our safety and health (Police, Firemen, EMT’s and all First responders). And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day—give someone (anyone!) a hug and a big “I Love You” —-life is short.
Until next month, be well







Sharon Chapski

Greetings Social Club members!

I had cabin fever the other day and decided to take a ride around our neighborhood. It was such a treat (no pun intended) to see all the houses with Halloween and fall decorations. Kudos to everyone who channels their inner child to make our community festive! Next comes Hanukkah and Christmas—can’t wait. Well our Hawaiian Night was super! Watching the graceful movements of the dancers and listening to the bongo drums, could almost make you feel like you were in the tropics— almost. Our community members who were chosen to go on stage and show off their talents, were a big hit—and such good sports about being the center of attention. Thanks to all of you. I especially enjoyed our lesson in using hands to show fish, swimming in the sea, slow and fast, then getting caught in the net, all under the big palm tree. As of this writing, the Fund Raiser hasn’t happened yet, but should be fun. More next issue… Rich has asked me to remind everyone that on Veterans Day, Ryan’s Funeral Home on St Catherine’s Blvd puts out soooo many American Flags—too many to count—just as there have been soooo many veterans who have paid the ultimate price- sadly, too many to count. Maybe some of us could drop a quick note to Ryan’s to let them know we appreciate their efforts. Thanks. And speaking of dropping a note, Lorraine Kimball reminded everyone she has a bottomless supply of sympathy, get well, and cheer up cards—if you know of a neighbor or friend who is in need, please call Lorraine at 732-228-7498.

And before I go any further —- I am reminding everyone again the December meeting is on Thursday the 6th instead of Wednesday the 5th!! Our entertainment group “Joey and Doreen Arminio” is being honored for their work and could not be with us on the 5th. So, the Men’s Club generously offered to switch evenings with us. Many thanks to the men—-talk about having your cake and eating it too! Remember also, to wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater at the December meeting—this year it will be a contest — so give it your best (or worst!) We all know Christmas isn’t Christmas without cookies. And Cil has everything under control—- for all those bakers out there —many thanks for your efforts—-and a few gentle reminders—please bring your cookies to the clubhouse on Thursday Dec 6 between the hours of 3:30-4:00pm — not earlier! (because no one will be there yet)—not later! (because the ladies who will be plating the goodies need time to work their magic) and if you need your container returned, put your name on the bottom and you will get it back. Believe me, it’s all part of Cil’s great plan. If you have any questions, you can call Cil at 732- 570-9732. Along with the “giving season” —here is worthwhile endeavor —St Jude has a program for Recycled Greeting Cards —there will be a box in the office for gently used cards (EXCEPT for Hallmark, American Greeting and Disney). Please place in the box before you place in the trash, and we thank you. Evelyn McCarthy (another of Rich’s unsung heroes and a former president of the Social Club!) is the greeter at the door and checks us in as we arrive for the meetings. Evelyn tells me our current membership is at 476—-that translates into a lot of recycled cards!

There will not be a meeting in January, but we will have another Fund Raiser! On Saturday, January 20, 2019 there is a dance with entertainment by Sal and Michael Catapano. Tickets are $12.00, it’s a BYOB and snacks. February is the Lip Synch show—and the self-satisfied smiles I saw on the ladies who are in charge tells me it will be great! So be prepared for mind blowing fun during the cold winter months.

As always, and especially at this time of year, remember our vets and all the law enforcement women and men who give so much of themselves that we might enjoy peace and safety. May your holiday season be filled with all that makes you happy— and very blessed New Year to all. Until next year, be well.

Hawaiian Night



Sharon Chapski
By now summer is a pleasant memory and we are into the cool crisp days of autumn. The month of November brings a host of notable days and holidays, from Election Day on Tuesday, November 6 (please remember to get out and vote!) to Veterans Day on November 11-remember to fly Old Glory and to thank a Vet—the home of the free because of the brave! Daylight Savings time ends on November 4—Spring ahead and Fall back—and then of course there is Thanksgiving. A busy month to be sure!
Our October meeting went well—we were entertained by The Kipila Sisters—Amanda Rose and her sister Emily. Beautiful voices and even at their young ages, talented performers who owned the stage and captivated the audience. Maybe a return engagement next year?
Going forward this year, the November 7th meeting will have a Hawaiian theme! We will be listening--and per Debbie! — dancing to the lovely tunes of Hawaiian music! Let's brighten up the event with everyone wearing a Hawaiian shirt—or at the very least something colorful and tropical looking! Remember, doors open 6:15 and membership is still open—at last count we have 456 sociable people in our group! Still a good deal at $5 head. Christmas is not far away—once again, Cil is spearheading the cookie brigade—and I am sure she will be happy to have as many contributors as possible. The December meeting also will feature another “Ugly Sweater” contest—so much fun to see the creativity of some our members—and
always a great Kodak moment. Please plan to wear your best (or worst!) sweater and just flaunt it.
Reminding everyone that February is the Lip Synch show and I know Diane and MaryAnn have been holding practices weekly. The Lip Synch show is always a hit—don’t miss it. Our Fund Raiser is
November 10th—The Joey Vincent Show- with a Chinese Buffet and BYOB—at $18.00 per person
it’s a steal. Show time 6-10pm—come on and bring a friend.
Last month, I introduced some of the people who help to make this club work—but there are more. For instance, Barbara Capua, is Assistant Treasurer. Barbara came to HCS from the South Plainfield area and has been here about 13 years. Barb has been involved in Social Club for at least 4 years and even though you may think you don’t know her—you do! Barbara is the nice lady who sits outside the doors to the meeting room ready, willing and able to take your money and sign you up as a member in good standing. Did I mention we are 456 strong??!! Lorraine Kimball went from Corresponding Secretary to Sunshine Lady—by hook or crook she will get mail somehow this year!
Rich calls these following men and women his unsung heroes —the behind the scenes volunteers who ensure that every meeting runs well…Kitchen helpers are Marie & Tom McHale and MaryAnn & Tom Brown, Sheila Monson is the avid shopper and Phil Talerricco is the gentleman who makes sure we have coffee at each meeting. The raffle is overseen by Ethel Stone, Sylvia Ormando, and Collette Walent. Arlene leads the invocation before the meetings and Debbie is our event coordinator. All these tasks may be little things, but without someone to do them, chaos ensues. So, thank you one and all.
And as a reminder about the December meeting—WE ARE FLIPPING DATES - FROM THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH (the 5th) TO THE FIRST THURSDAY (the 6th) —- this way you will
have an extra day to come up with the perfect Ugly Sweater! Time is the same —doors open at 6:15.
So, until next time, be well and keep in mind the men and women of the armed services and law enforcement who give of themselves to keep us safe.




Sharon Chapski
Once again, we get ready to bid farewell to the warm summer days and look forward to the crisp days of Indian Summer! Our Corresponding Secretary, Lorraine Kimball, has turned over her pen and notebook to me and I can only hope to do as good a job as she did Thanks Lorraine, for your entertaining monthly reports—sad as it may be that you never received any mail yourself! I would like to remind everyone, that as of September, we need to renew our membership. As in the past, the incredibly low price of $5.00 per season will give you 10 months of an evening of diverse entertainment, along with dessert, coffee or tea! Takes me back t0 the 1950’s—what a bargain!! Membership cards for the 2018-2019 season will be sold at the HCS Clubhouse every Friday from 9:30 until 11:00am. Our first meeting is on Wednesday, September 5th-doors open at 6:15 and the meeting starts at 7:00pm.
Remember to bring your membership card and show it at the door! The feature entertainment will be “The Wrinkle Review” and our ever-popular Ice Cream Social—and yes, coffee and tea also (I
must remember to drink the decaf!) Looking ahead to the October meeting—for 45 minutes we will be treated to the talents of “Amanda Rose”. She will offer renditions of a wide variety of music—50’s, Classic Country, Broadway Tunes, Patriotic - and much more. Amazingly, Amanda is only 12 years old (so I am told) when she becomes famous, we can say “we knew her when”.
And our Fund Raiser, on Saturday November 10th is The Joey Vincent Show—along with a Chinese Buffet. Remember it is a BYOB and the time is from 6pm until 10pm, with doors opening at 5:15pm. Cost of only $18.00 per person (another great deal!) So, grab your friends and neighbors and be ready to join in the fun! Debbie Fazio will be selling tickets at the HCS Clubhouse on Fridays starting September 7th- from 9am till 11am. You can call her at 732-505-1355.
We are gearing up for another interesting and fun filled year. Rich Bohan and his crew are full of ideas and I am sure some surprises also! We hope everyone will some out on the first Wednesday of the month—mark your calendars!


Until next month———stay well




Lorraine Kimball
How is everyone enjoying these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer? It’s August already and soon we will be back into the swing of clubs starting up again. Beginning in August membership cards are available for the 2018-2019 year. For only $5 you can renew your membership for the entire year. Where else can you get to attend monthly meetings including entertainment, dessert and coffee. Our meetings are a great way to connect with old friends and make new friends. Membership cards can be purchased on Friday mornings at the clubhouse.
Wednesday, September 5, 2018 will be our first meeting of the new year. Everyone must show their new 2018-2019 membership card to be admitted. We will be entertained by The Wrinkle Review and treated to our annual ice cream social. All meetings begin at 7:00pm and doors will open at 6:15pm.
Our first fund raiser of the year will be "The Joey Vincent Show “and a Chinese buffet. You are welcome to BYOB. It will be on Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 6:00pm - 10:00pm. Doors will open a starting September 7th at the Holiday City South Clubhouse. This fund raiser is open to all, so why not get a table of your friends together and plan to attend this great evening of fun. Please contact Debbie Fazio 732-505-1355 with any questions or to have her save you an entire table.
Our new Sunshine Lady is Lorraine Kimball. Please call her if you know of someone in our club who is hospitalized, has lost a loved one or is just in the need of a little 'sunshine'. You can reach her at 732-228-7498 and she will gladly send them a card.
Hope to see everyone on September 5th. As always, please keep all our veterans and active duty soldier men and women in your thoughts and prayers.




Lorraine Kimball

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Lorraine Kimball


It is June and the end of the 2017-2018 Social Club Year! Hopefully everyone enjoyed getting together with old friends, meeting new friends, entertained by some top-notch entertainment, amazed by our own members lip sync abilities and so many talents. Thank you to all of you who volunteered to make this year so successful. Carol Ann and all the kitchen help who served us the yummy desserts at every meeting. Sheila Monson who did all the shopping for our meetings. Debbie Fazio, Karen Prospero and Larry Puccio for directing our members in the Lip Sync Show and the Talent Show. All of you who performed in these shows and the crew member who worked behind the scenes to make these shows possible. Debbie and Karen each ran one of our Fund Raisers. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Our May Meeting again had record attendance. The meeting was made up of three major parts. First the meeting was called to order for the business part of our social club evening. Larry Puccio, as head of the election committee, read the slate of candidates for next year’s executive board:
President: Richard Bohan
Treasurer: Gerry DeLuca
Recording Secretary: Barbara Burke
Corresponding Secretary: Sharon Chapski
Larry asked the membership if there were any further nominations for any of these positions and hearing none, placed the above slate to a vote. All positions were elected unanimously. Thank you, Larry, for chairing this important committee. Congratulations to the new officers who will be joining the executive Board for the 2018-2019 year.
The second part of the meeting was a ceremony honoring all veterans and active duty serviceman and women. Our President Rich Bohan, along with Mike Signorile, invited veterans from the Marines, American Legion and VFW to join us. They also invited the Honor Guard from Central Valley High School's ROTC. The invited guests and the veterans from our membership were led into the meeting by the Honor Guard. It was very impressive, and they were welcomed by thunderous thankful applause.
Meeting part three was the first annual Holiday City South Talent Show, mc’d by Bob Hope, and the opening song presented by the Andrew Sister's singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. The next one hour plus was one fabulous number after another. Who knew we had so many talented and entertaining members. By the way, who were those Swan Lake Ballet dancers. WooHoo! Can't wait to see next year’s show. Thank you performers and crew for making this evening extra special. A big thank you to Larry Puccio and Karen Prospero for organizing and directing this extravaganza.
President Rich Bohan, whose dedicated and enthusiastic leadership, has made the Social Club so successful has a few comments and reminders for us. He wants to thank this year’s Executive board and every single member for their contributions and support. Working with such a great group has made his job easier. Although Karen, Barbara and Lorraine will be missed he looks forward to working with the newly elected Officers. The three important reminders are:
  1. Doors will open at 6:15pm for each meeting which will start at 7:00pm sharp.
  2. DO NOT open the side doors. They are alarmed and for emergency use only! Alarms will eventually be connected to Police and Fire Departments.
  3. Membership cards for the 2018-2019 year will begin being sold in August. Everyone needs to sign up. The price for yearly membership is again ONLY $5.00. That breaks down to 50 cents a month for fun, friends, food and entertainment. September 2018 meeting is going to be our Annual Ice Cream Social and entertainment by The Wrinkle Review. 
As this is my last month as Corresponding Secretary this will be my last Southwind newsletter. I want you all to know how much I have enjoyed letting you know what is happening in and around the Social Club. Please give Sharon Chapski the wonderful support you have shown me. I'm sure she will do an out-standing job.
Hope you all have an enjoyable, happy and healthy Summer. 



Larry Puccio
Wednesday evening, May 2nd was our Social Club Talent Show. Everyone gave it their all and from what I have heard the audience had a good time. The dancing, lip sync, singing, narratives and instrumentals, including the guitar, trumpet and vibes, were all excellent. Of course, the “Swamp Lake Ballet” was hilarious particularly when Rich Bohan’s pants came down. By the way that was not part of the act.
I want to thank all the participants:
Alex and Marianne Agostino, Neil Benson, Rich Bohan, Rose Cumella, Margie Di Gregorio, Vince and Maddalena Lampariello, Diane and Frank Lentini, Judi Lynch, George Mason,
Pat Rantowich, Agnes Traschetti, Pat Yamelski and our dedicated Director and Master of Ceremony Karen Prospero.


Lorraine Kimball

As I sit here writing this newsletter it is mid-April and the temperature is in the 30's during the night. We have had quite a winter and early spring. The windy weather sure has made for some bad hair days!!! Hopefully by the time you are reading this spring will finally be here.
Our April meeting was fabulous, over 300 members came out to enjoy the 2nd annual Lip Sync Show. We had great spinach dip, crackers, donuts, coffee, tea and even carafes of wine on every table. Our members who participated in the show as performers or worked with the crew to make sure the show ran smoothly were all fantastic. The music selected to lip sync to was great. And what can we say about our members who really got into the spirit by bringing the original musical performers to us. It was so much fun and enjoyed by everyone. This show never would have happened without the Director/Producer Debbie Fazio. Thank you, Debbie, for all your hard work putting this show together. Bravo!!!
Larry Puccio announced information about our election of Board Members coming up in May.
There are 4 positions open: President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary.
Larry said that we have a candidate for 3 of the spots...
President: Richard Bohan
Recording Secretary: Barbara Burke
Corresponding Secretary: Sharon Chapski
Larry asked if anyone was interested in running for Treasurer and Gerry DeLuca volunteered to put her name on the ballot. Larry then opened the meeting to any other nominations for any of the positions. The process of asking for any other nominations from the floor will be repeated at our May 2nd meeting. If the ballot remains as it is now with one candidate for each position we will vote on the ballot with an eye/nay verbal vote. However, if other persons are nominated that position will be decided by written ballot. Please try to attend this important meeting.
We will be entertained at the meeting by the First Holiday City Souths Got Talent member talent show.
The acts have been practicing bringing us a show made up of our friends and neighbors performing
their known or perhaps hidden talents. The acts have been kept quite a secret so who knows what
we will see. Maybe a sword swallower, a dog act, singers, dancers, musicians...the sky’s the limit.
This meeting is being dedicated to all veterans and active soldiers. We have invited several veterans
and Wounded Warriors to join us. 
June 6th will be our final meeting of the year. Can you believe how quickly the year went? Our new
Officers will be sworn in and we will be treated to top-notch entertainment. Joseph Armenio and Family will return and have your toes tapping. 
For all of you who attended our Spring Fever Dance I hope you enjoyed the evening. Karen Prospero did an outstanding job as chairperson of the dance. Where else could you go for dessert and coffee while enjoying a live band for the entire evening for only $12. Thank you again Karen for making this such a great fund raiser for the Social Club.
Our Sunshine Lady, Carol Ann 732-236-4614, had a very busy year sending cards to our members
who needed a little sunshine. Please call and let her know if another member needs well wishes.
Membership cards for the 2018-2019 year of the Holiday City South Social Club will be sold beginning in August at the clubhouse on Friday mornings. And I hope you are sitting down because dues will remain at $5 for the entire year. It's the best deal in town a meeting, some refreshments and entertainment every month for ONLY $5 a year.



Lorraine Kimball

Happy March everyone! Hopefully we are going to be enjoying nice spring weather soon.
Our February meeting was held on 2/7 and attendance was low due to both the cold weather and the mix-up with whether or not building C would be reopened after the roof leak. As we didn't know if we would be back in the auditorium for the meeting it was decided early in January to postpone the Lip Sync Show. Instead our very own Rich Bohan did a flower arranging demonstration for us. He has 60 years experience in the flower shop business and showed us how to make four different arrangements. Two were centerpieces plus he showed us how to arrange flowers in a vase and also made a bouquet. We all received a door prize ticket and 4 lucky members were able to take one of the pieces home.
A big thank you to Sheila who donated a nice basket filled with beauty products which also were given away.
March 7th we will be entertained by the Wrinkle review.
April 4th will now be the Second Annual Lip Sync Show. I understand the participants have been hard at work practicing and preparing to make this show spectacular and loads of fun. Thank you Debbie!
Our May 2nd meeting will be dedicated to all veterans. We have invited members of wounded Warriors to join us. Also at this meeting will be our Members Talent Show. I never knew we had so many talented people here in HCS but Larry has found them. He still has room for a few more acts and he's counting on you to step forward to join this fabulous talent show. Just give Larry Puccio a call to be a part of the show.
Our June 6th meeting, our final meeting of the 2017-2016 year, will have an evening of great entertainment. Joseph Armeneo and Family will be returning. This is a top notch group and just think, you get to see them as part as your $5 annual dues.
Our last fund raiser is going to be on April 14th. Our Spring Dance is returning with a live band.
Dessert, coffee and tea will be served. Please feel to BYOB and BYO Snacks. This event is open to
the public so please bring your friends. The cost is ONLY $12. Tickets will be on sale beginning in March at the clubhouse on Friday mornings. Why not get a table of your family and friends together, I’m sure Karen will be able to save a table for you. Thank you Karen for all your work on this event.
Come on everyone let’s work together and make this dance a huge success.
Barbara announced that the March meeting will be the last night for new members to join.
After that our membership is closed for this 2017-2018 year.
President Rich has appointed an Election Committee to obtain applications from members who would like to serve on the Board. The positions that will be necessary to fill are President, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. Rich Bohan said he will continue as President for 2 more years. So if you would like to become more involved please consider throwing your hat in the ring for either of the secretary positions. You must be a homeowner in order to hold a Board position.
Please let our sunshine lady, Carol Ann 732-236-4614, if you know of any member who needs a
little sunshine so that she can get a card out to them. Please remember to keep our soldiers and veterans in your thoughts and prayers.



Lorraine Kimball

Here we are, one month closer to spring. I don’t know about you but I'm ready now. A lot happened in January around Holiday City South. The bitter cold, all that snow and as everyone knows the cancellation of all meetings and events at the clubhouse Building ‘C’.

January 21st - Dance and Comedy fund raiser will be rescheduled.

February 7th - to be determined based on Building ‘C’ construction.

March 7th - Wrinkle Review.

On April 4th Our second annual lip sync show will be lots of fun for not only the many participants but also the entire audience. Many hours of practice, preparation and hard work went into making this a great show. Thank you, Debbie Fazio.

Our May 2nd meeting will be dedicated to all veterans. We have invited some Wounded Warriors to join us. be sure to attend our meeting to see our first membership talent show. There has to be a lot of hidden talents here in Holiday City South and Larry Puccio Wants You!!! Please call him to become a part of this great show.

June 6th will be the final meeting of this year. More info will follow.


April 14th will be here before we know it and with that comes the return of our very popular Spring Dance with a live band. This fund raiser will be opened to all, so why not bring your friends for a great time.

Carol Anne, our sunshine lady, will be happy to send a card to anyone who is ill or would appreciate a little 'sunshine'. Please call her if you know of any members she can send a card to at 732-236- 4614.

A big thank you to all members who volunteer to work in the kitchen and also who volunteer for clean up after meetings and fund raisers. We really appreciate your time and hard work.

To our Men and Women in uniform, past, present and future, we thank you



  • Rich Bohan, President: 201-446-5048

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