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Jan 2020

Maintenance Report

by Greg Lauretta
Most of the HVAC duct work has been installed. The duct work was started on November 19, 2019. Main vents still must be installed and vents will be installed in roof according to code. We have a way to go before completion. 
The main disconnect and distribution panels have been installed. This is a custom designed and fabricated panel by Square D.  We are awaiting the Town Electrical Inspector before moving along. A new meter is being installed on the outside of the building by CODE. As soon as we have approval from the Town Electrical Inspector and the JCP&L Inspector the electricians can start to install electricity throughout. 
The old billiard tables have been broken down and removed. We were unable to save them because of the chemicals and the lack of proper circulation in the building. On a good note John McGuinness was able to purchase top of the line pool tables as well as racks, sticks and balls at probably 1/3 the cost. We were even given the opportunity to purchase the Tiffany style pool table lights.  
Maintenance has been working in the building using generators doing as much as they can while all of this is taking place. New flooring in the Billiard Hall has been installed and covered. The bathrooms in the billiard hall have been renovated and new flush up pumps have been installed. These were the last bathrooms in CH2 to be renovated. 
Several rooms in Clubhouse 2 have been sheet rocked, spackled and primed and are ready to be painted. 
Maintenance has been taking down the large Christmas decorations and displays from around the grounds. We would like to thank everyone who has donated Christmas and Chanukah decorations. We lost so many decorations in CH2 so we will continue to take decorations throughout the year.
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