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Jan 2020

Maintenance Report

by Greg Lauretta
The HVAC Contractor has started to install the new duct work in Clubhouse #2. They started on November 19th. This is the first stage of the HVAC project. 
The electrical contractor has run into yet another code change, so the electric has been put on hold because parts need to be fabricated to meet code regulations. 
The parking lot at the top of Clubhouse #2 is now complete but will remain closed until the building opens. We need those parking spots for construction vehicles. There have also been repairs made to the back lot where the boats are being stored. All car bumpers have been reinstalled. 
The maintenance crew is working in and around Clubhouse # 2 wherever and whenever we can without electricity. We have finished whatever we could in the upstairs bathrooms in clubhouse 2 so they will be ready when CH 2 pool opens in summer of 2020.  We have now started renovating the bathrooms in the Billiard Hall. 
All of the sub floors in CH 2 has been removed and replaced with new. 
Maintenance has been working on dismantling the pool tables in the Billiard Hall and removing them to the trash. 
Maintenance has decorated with some of our remaining Christmas displays around Clubhouse 1 and some of Clubhouse 2. We hope you enjoy it during the holiday season. Hopefully next year we can do the whole display and have our Christmas Festival. For everyone’s safety please stay off of the grass because we have many extension cords running to the displays. 
We would just like to thank everyone who has donated Christmas trees, ornaments and other Christmas decorations because many items were stored in CH 2 and were lost. We are always happy to accept your usable donations. 
We also keep up with our daily maintenance projects and our janitor is out with an injury so we are also doing janitorial duties. 
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