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Jan 2020

HCB Shareowners Meeting - January 8, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm. All directors were present. There were 138 residents in attendance.
This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for all our men and women in our armed services and anyone who might be in need of a prayer. This was followed by a prayer. 
John Forsyth was welcomed as a new Board Member.
Our guest speaker, Harvey Janelli, of the 2020 cenus did not show up.
The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting were waived by motion.
Committee Reports:
Sue DeMaria of the Day Planners reported that they have planned events for 2020. Calls will be made to finalize trips. January 26th there is a game day scheduled for 1 to 3 pm, CH1. February 20th will be a luncheon at Brick Vocational at a cost of $25.00 and there will be sign ups on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.
Sam Abramson, Bocce, reported that sign ups are on the first Tuesdays at 4 pm in January, February and March. Dues are $7 per year. There will be sign-ups for the travel team as well.
Dolores Dillon, fishing and social. The first meeting is this Monday. The dues is $5. There is a trip to Atlantic City in February and is $25. Pat DiBuono is the contact person.
Sandra Favire, Dance and Social Club, Line dancing is Friday nights from 6 to 7:30 and the yearly dues is $3.
Harold Stuart, Meloldiers - The first rehursal is January 15th at 4 pm and weekly. Everyone is welcome to join.
Larry Fox, Veterans and Friends, Thanked the Fishing Club and Social Club for their donation to the Veterans and Friends. These funds are to be used to help local Veterans.
John McGuiness introduced the Board of Directors and current officers and gave a brief description of their duties.
Henry Reinhard gave the treasurer's report. The complete budget is published in this paper.
Barbara Egner gave the number of the requests from residents for modifications.
John Forsyth gave his email address, for future articles to our Clubhouse Bulletin. He will be in charge of the paper and will be receiving all notices, etc.
Mario Pettineo apologized for information given last month as to the last date for leaf pickup. It was the 9th of November and not the 16th. Any tree complaints in the common area must be in writing with the exact location.
Terry Restaino, reported on Clubhouse 2, There has been as tremendous amount of work done by our maintenance staff who took almost the whole building apart and removed preexisting systems. The pool at Clubhouse 2 will be ready by May and the restrooms will be available in the Clubhouse for use from the pool area. The work being done to CH2 is being considered renovation and not new building.
Old Business:
John McGuiness took a vote from the Board ratifying the employee contracts and it was unanimous. The By Law change has been amended. Any vacancy on the Board may be filled by the Board. There were 127 negative votes received. There would have had to been 326 to deny the change.
Marjorie Penn questioned the procedure for the bylaw change.
There was a discussion regarding this.
Barbara Egner explained that the Federal Court determined, it was difficult to change the wording in certain bylaws, therefore there was a ruling that changes may be made as long as the printed proposal of the change was sent to all residents. This was done with the request that those opposing the change sign and return the form by a certain date. This was done at the direction of our attorney. A 10 percent negative vote from the residents was not received. Therefore, the bylaw has been changed.
Margarie Penn, felt there should have been a discussion.
Sal Lubucci stated that not many people vote and it would be difficult to get 10% of any votes.
Terry, so, Sal what you are saying is that people are not going to vote anyway. Do you have any suggestions? There was no reply
Sally Lazaro, there are people who never come to meetings and complain.
Diane Villant, questioned the budget for maintenance and asked if the use of independent contractors was considered.
John McGuinness, that would require a management company and incur a larger amount and an increase in the maintenance fees plus it would take complete control over the membership.
Mike Grossman owns a home here, but lives 150 miles away. Stated he does not receive his Clubhouse Bulletin, any notices that are mailed, etc. He checked the website and claims it is not updated.
Barbara Egner, our website is maintained by the graphic designer for our Clubhouse Bulletin.
Steve Abramson offered to assist in updating this site.
John McGuiness referred to an unsigned accusation in the form of a complaint that was submitted allegedly accusing another resident of an illegal action. John restated that unless complaints are signed, they are not addressed. This particular complaint is one that should be sent to the police department.
There was an individual who made a statement, however, did not sign the log sheet, therefore, it is not recorded in these minutes.
No new business.
John McGuinness asked for a motion to adjourn, so made and seconded Meeting adjourned at 2 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Benson, Secretary
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